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 'What does a modern SOC (Security Operations Center) do?'
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Trusted by companies across the US

Service provider for Cyber Security, NIST 800-171, CMMC and HIPAA.
Protection for all devices. Compliance is a requirement by law.

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Helping you take control of your businesses digital world.

We provide the infrastructure and technology that brings all of your security into one place, reporting and notifications in real time.

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Cybersecurity & Monitoring

Security is an essential part of every business. We have solutions that fits your musts and needs.

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Auditing & Reporting

Continuing automated Client and Server auditing with reports and alerts straight to any device.

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Compliance Verification

Compliance assurance and regulatory readiness services, keeping your business law abiding.

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24/7 Help & Support

Professionals on standby who are ready to help you with any issues you may have.

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Organizations are constantly under Threat

External and internal factors put businesses at risk, ProtectOrg control risk

We understand the importance of controlling risk in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. Our comprehensive risk management solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes mitigate potential threats and protect their assets.

Humans / Social Engineering
State-sponsored Hackers
Out of date tools
Source https://www.silicon.co.uk/security/biggest-security-concern-220287


Threat Intelligence

  • Dedicated team.
  • 99.9% uptime monitoring.
  • Instant alerts and action plans.
Integrated & Trusted
Backed by enterprise firepower
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Average cost of hacking to a US Enterprise
Estimated number of devices running Windows 10
Percentage of malware delivered by email
Of cyber security teams report being understaffed
for all solutions
Protect your company

Tools to audit and monitor security. Providing an unrivalled level of insight into all reaches of your business. We are a verified compliance regulator 

Deploy automatically to Windows, Linux, AIX & HP-UX all from one location.

We grade alerts with a traffic light color scheme to focus your time on what matters.

Solutions not just problems. We show fixes to most common issues to save you valuable research time.

Change Management functionality to keep your team focused and on the same page.

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We put our trust in ProtectOrg to ensure we are ahead of potential threats. Proactive monitoring helps us sleep at night.

Jake A

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Our technical team are continually amazed at how much time the ProtectOrg portal saves them. Services we have used in the past just show the problem, ProtectOrg shows the solution.

Steve M

VP Sales
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ProtectOrg has helped us to better understand how we are performing and has given us the confidence to be more agile in our response to incidents

Chloe R

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We rely on the security of our network, we know that we can rely on Protectorg to keep us ahead of potential threats. We have been very impressed with the proactive monitoring they perform that helps us sleep at night.

Stuart S

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We rolled our ProtectOrg MSP to our clients and had a 95% uptake. Clients are worried about keeping their networks and devices safe - ProtectOrg gives them peace of mind (and us).

John S

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It took us less than 10 minutes to add 250 Windows 10 endpoints to our ProtectOrg platform. We can monitor for specific information within a few clicks, in real time.

Mitch R

IT Director
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24/7 Support always on hand giving you peace of mind.

We don't stop until you do. Remote support from the world's most admired IT cyber security provider.

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Speak to an expert to find out which plan is best for you. Security & compliance management solutions.
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Upcoming Webinar - 02/28/23
 'What does a modern SOC (Security Operations Center) do?'