ProtectOrg Portal  Multi-Tenant Self-Service SaaS solution, designed for Microsoft Sentinel

Harvey, ProtectOrgs AI Bot working with Investigate saves time, Harvey is a conversational AI-Bot whose narrative is focused on Sentinel Incidents. Investigate assists with triaging Sentinel Incidents without the need to write KQL queries.

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Centralize your cyber security.

Benefits of using the ProtectOrg portal include

Quick and easy setup

Enterprise Monitoring

No Maintenance

Global Reach

AI Knowledge Base

Dedicated Support

Our solution utilizes Microsoft Sentinel technology to ensure the best monitoring solutions and output. Adding a simplified multi-tenant capable portal which will triage into Sentinel Incidents without the need for KQL queries. In addition, Harvey the ProtectOrg AI-bot is there 24/7 to help you.

With Harvey's AI wisdom, the fiercest cyber storms become opportunities for us to showcase our safeguarding strength.
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Extensive live Dashboard

Experience real-time performance charts that deliver crucial insights into your server or services' efficiency. Easily monitor resource utilization, identify bottlenecks, and optimize operations for a seamless user experience and enhanced system reliability.

Always be aware with Alerts

Manage actions

Assign alerts to a dedicated team of engineers who are always available to address any concerns that arise.

AI Knowledge base

Automatically get the solution presented, generated from our extensive knowledge base.

Take action with Ticketing

With one click from an alert or incident, a ticket can be created, automatically emailing the allocated engineer alerting them. Equally, a single click can raise a change management request from a ticket.

Harvey: Your AI-Powered Cyber Sentinel for Proactive Defense

Your ultimate AI sentinel, tirelessly vigilant against cyber threats. Harvey doesn't just detect risks – it arms you with tailor-made action points for proactive defense. Stay steps ahead in the digital battle with Harvey's strategic insights, fortify your defenses, and reclaim peace of mind in a connected world. Your security upgrade starts now.

Time to respond

Are you a C-Suite exec? Then you will already know that a data breach or ransomware attack can bring a company down, and it’s been happening to organizations worldwide for quite a while now. Costing US companies twice the global average, and the healthcare industry gets hit the hardest.

Unfortunately, senior management doesn’t know everything’s not okay until there is a data breach. We aim to put anyone with access to the portal in a position that they will be in the know at any time.

Diagnostic time

While there’s no shortage of security products that will trigger an alert if an attack or incident occurs. ProtectOrg believes that we’re unique in our AI-powered ability to provide solutions and present a step-by-step customized procedure to deal with and remedy the attack or an incident.

Improved ROI

Companies invest massive amounts in IT staffing, and many struggle to keep them. The goal at ProtectOrg is to help, with our portal, to reduce the skills gap, increasing a company’s chance to identify an attack and remedy it in-house or in a joint effort with your MSSP. Reducing the time to triage from 45 mins to 10 secs gives your team vital time to stop an attack.

Risk avoidance

Most C-level executives don’t know what they don’t know, and decisions that can affect a company’s survival should be a board-level decision. Communicating to the C-suite can indeed be fragile. Bad actors rely on this, even thrive on it, because it’s easier for C-level executives to say, “We are protected.” regarding cyber security. The problem is similar to jumping from a plane with a used parachute. You won’t know that you’re safe until you are under attack.

Ease of setup

Do you have Microsoft Sentinel today? Then get set up with the ProtectOrg portal will take less than 60 mins, and you are on the way to becoming or having a more efficient SOC.


Our dashboard makes it easy for all appropriate end-user team members to know exactly where they stand concerning cybersecurity preparedness and remedies.


The cost of subscribing to our portal is minuscule compared to the cost of the risks in the event of a successful attack. But the considerable cost savings come when you need highly qualified staff to manage your SOC, which is hard to find with the skills gap. The ProtectOrg portal can triage many alerts simultaneously, which is cost-saving. Overall, the ProtectOrg portal will save you money.


SuperCharge your PortaL

Enhance your cybersecurity prowess with ProtectOrg's powerful add-ons. From Investigate, the AI-driven incident analysis tool, to other cutting-edge solutions, our add-ons seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Sentinel, providing real-time threat intelligence and streamlining incident response. Elevate your security operations today with ProtectOrg's state-of-the-art add-ons

ProtectOrg's Portal

Are you looking for a secure and user-friendly way to manage your businesses cyber security?

Sign up for ProtectOrg's Portal.  A revolutionary cyber security portal that aims to provide a range of features, including device management, alert vulnerabilities, and 24/7 monitoring, all accessible through a simple and intuitive interface. Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to access this innovative new tool with ProtectOrg.

Average cost of hacking to a US Enterprise
Estimated number of devices running Windows 10
Percentage of malware delivered by email
Of cyber security teams report being understaffed
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Organizations are constantly under Threat

External and internal factors put businesses at risk, ProtectOrg control risk

We understand the importance of controlling risk in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. Our comprehensive risk management solutions are designed to help organizations of all sizes mitigate potential threats and protect their assets.

Humans / Social Engineering
State-sponsored Hackers
Out of date tools


Threat Intelligence

  • Dedicated team.
  • 99.9% uptime monitoring.
  • Instant alerts and action plans.
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 'What does a modern SOC (Security Operations Center) do?'
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Upcoming Webinar - 02/28/23
 'What does a modern SOC (Security Operations Center) do?'