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Endpoint Manager Management Pack Officially Released


After a long wait we now have the more upgraded version of the ProtectOrg Endpoint Manager Management Pack.

We had premiered this on a SCOMATHON Coffee break session at the end of August, for those who missed it the session can be recapped right here

Just to provide a quick overview, the session had re-introduced the management pack for updated monitoring of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, but also wanted to show off a few more new features.

The original management pack release can be viewed here, which provides a breakdown of the monitoring currently covered.

What's New in version

Recommended Windows ADK Monitoring

One area which was always of great interest to me was always about maintaining the correct versioning's for all areas of MECM which is the true backbone of this management pack. And in order for me to accelerate this even further, I wanted to bring in the ADK side.

To explain further there is two sides of the monitoring which are the following;

  • ADK And MECM Version Comparison - This area of monitoring is specific to ensuring that the version of MECM that you are using is in line with the ADK version that you have installed. Many environments can be using the incorrect ADK version which can have a serious impact when it comes to the upgrading of boot images as well as maintaining images used in Task Sequences and various areas of the OSD. This monitor will check the version of the ADK you are running and see if this meets the minimum and recommended requirement for your MECM environment.
  • ADK and WinPE Version Comparison - In addition to this area of monitoring, another area of importance is around the ADK and WinPE version. Using incorrect levels on this will prevent you from doing majority of what 's explained above in the ADK and MECM Version comparison section. This monitor will check the versions used between your ADK and WinPE to ensure that they are both matching.

Console Version Monitoring

In further extension to the additional monitoring and keeping up with the tradition of the version compliance, we have also incorporated monitoring which looks at the MECM console version being used and making sure that it matches up with the MECM site version being used.

This is something which can be easily seen of course when you go into the MECM console and see the banner advising the same information, but where you have upgraded a site recently then this would be a good monitor to have to ensure everything is in check. Currently this monitor is specific to Primary Site Servers but will be expanded within the future.

Bug Fixes

  • Additional configuration has gone into the monitors which filter through log files to ensure that any logs which are associated with crash dump areas are ignored in order to provide more accurate statuses.

Additional Information

  • New and additional information has been added to the knowledgebase articles which are attached to all of the monitors and rules within the management pack.

Future Plans

Below are the future plans of the management pack going forward.

New Major Update Version

There will be a major update of this management pack looking to be released near the end of this year, and this leap will have it in a position where it can be the only management pack to fully monitor MECM. As it stands the management pack can still operate like this now, but because of the granularity of the MP and with the current official Microsoft SCCM MP still being utilized it works as a great side-to-side enhancement as well. But indeed the next update will be able to stand solely with more fuller coverage.

Management Pack Configuration Wiki

We will have a management pack configuration wiki which will give a very detailed structure of all of the components which make up the management pack such as ;

·       Classes

·       Discoveries

·       Folders

·       Views

·       Monitors

·       Rules

In addition we also want to provide a space or area in which we can help support new ideas and recommendations within the management pack. As this current MP is indeed community driven, we want to be open in supporting the MECM community to ensure that we can have full coverage of MECM in a monitoring perspective.

Periodic Updates

We are looking to ensure that management pack keeps up the pace of the fast changing versioning’s of MECM. In order for us to do that we will apply updates to the management pack to ensure it can accommodate for future version numbers and any additional features which will need to be monitored. We will try to keep this at a quarterly update interval.

Where to Download

Please see below the registration form which you can fill out. Once submitted this will then provide you with the link to download the latest version of the ProtectOrg Endpoint Manager Management Pack


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