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Is an alert more important than the problem?

So, what is an alert?

Before I launch into the ‘my’ answer to this question, we can only work quickly from what we have got and the more detail the better we can resolve the issue, well maybe.

Sure, you can resolve many problems with the right amount of info, resolving problems well and to a satisfactory stand can only be accomplished if you can measure it.

You must dig up some soil to get to a pipeline which is 15 feet underground because it has a leak and is causing flooding as well as the loss of water. Generally, these kinds of issues are urgent and have little planning. So, the diggers move in, the foreman must ask for some cars to be moved which are close by one of the drivers says they normal park on that waste land but with the flooding they had to move.

The digger starts, the driver must focus on the garden wall near by and it a little nervous by it, because space is tight, but the driver’s skill is very good, and the hole is dug the repair is made and the soil replaced. The driver, being so skilled has meant that others have left the area to go to another job.

The driver smooths the area where the hole was dug, it is late about 9pm when the driver can finally leave the area. The team lead comes to check the work the next day, the info on the PDA says, ‘leaking pipe’. Well, the pipe is no longer leaking, so the job must be done. The team leader checks off the work and leaves for another job.

Everybody has done their job to the best of their ability, good right?

Well, a week later a car subsides in the soil and a garden wall falls, what went so wrong, the team leader validated the work based on the info they had.

Here is my guess, it everybody had been sent the same info, explaining each part of the job and listed the potential risks, blackout plans schedule for the work things would have turned out differently.

So, what is in an alert? About 50% of the solution.

ProtectOrg’s portal has a built in change management solution for every alert.

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