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Multi-Tenant Microsoft Sentinel Portal AzureOpen-AI Enabled — (MTMSP-AI)

Revolutionizing MSSP Efficiency with AI-Driven SOC-in-a-Box Solution


Building on the strengths of AI

The skills gap is a real issue and already a sizable issue for companies and suppliers. In so many cases stopping, companies from achieving their goals to increase the security of their networks. There is no shortage of solutions in the market that will inform you what you have a problem. However, most do not tell you how to resolve the threat or issue.

ProtectOrg is different. Our AI Analysist, Harvey, will aid you through either security alerts or monitored network issues. This alone is a significant enabler in filling the skills gap by training your staff every step of the way.

The Solution for Any Business

The ProtectOrg SaaS solution integrates with Microsoft Sentinel. Our portal is multi-tenant, with a structured workflow to aid teams in remediating Incidents quickly and efficiently. Speed and accuracy, today everything.

Integrated into the ProtectOrg portal is ticketing and a change management workflow, drastically reducing the time it takes to generate a ticket with a single click. Users, they can email in their requests to create a ticket.

Investigation with AI

ProtectOrg’s ‘Investigate’ will allow analysts to drill into incidents without the need to write KQL; Harvey will do that for you. We have a range of videos on our website which will demonstrate Harvey in action, click this link to see how our solution could help your company today.

Book a call today with one of our team and start the journey to becoming more efficient with your Cyber-Security workflow.

Business in a box

Cyber Security and AI are the most relevant and current topics in the IT industry. ProtectOrg combine the two and delivers a self-service portal for MSSPs to provide service to their client. The core benefits of this service are that you, the MSSP costs, are reduced; on average, it can take 45 minutes to triage an alert; the ProtectOrg portal reduces this to around 6 seconds, saving 86.67% per incident. SOCs will receive hundreds of daily alerts; the initial triage is 100% automated, considerably reducing costs and time.

Ease of Setup:

If you already have Microsoft Sentinel, the time to deploy could be down to 60 mins using Microsoft Lighthouse connection to the ProtectOrg Portal is secure and the trusted Microsoft way.

If you don’t have Microsoft Sentinel, ProtectOrg can assist there; also, Microsoft Sentinel is the market-leading SIEM (Gartner).

Microsoft Compatibility

Although it is a true statement that we align strongly with Microsoft Security, many of our clients do not. Examples of systems we monitor via Microsoft Sentinel are AWS, Global ERP, and GCP.

Channeling our service through Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft System Operations Manager gives undeniable credibility to the quality of the alerts.

Incremental margin without incremental cost:

MSSPs selling through our portal to their clients will produce significant margins for an MSSP for one. With the skills gap increasing and the difficulty winning and retaining staff, the portal offers a predictable cost solution. This outcome is increased profit margins and a platform that delivers 24/7/365.

You are increasing your existing passive revenue stream with an additional revenue stream.

Enhanced lifetime value of clients:

We have heard from MSSPs about how we can help resolve ‘client churn.’ We can help the smaller MSSP deliver an improved class of Cyber Security, often only associated with much larger companies. ProtectOrg Portal provides clients with an enriched cybersecurity solution with an AI-Powered knowledge base at a cost-efficient price, creating a reason to stay.

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