ProtectOrg Portal  Monitor and Manage your Business-wide Cyber Security in One Centralized Platform

Experience Unparalleled Cyber Defense with ProtectOrg – Comprehensive Real-Time Threat Detection, Advanced Issue Management, and Streamlined Incident Response for Enhanced Business Security.

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Centralize your cyber security.

Benefits of using the ProtectOrg portal include

Quick and easy setup

Enterprise monitoring

Low maintenance

Global Reach

AI Knowledge Base

Dedicated Support

Our solution uses core Microsoft technology to ensure the best monitoring solutions and output. Although not visible and certainly zero-touch or light-touch agent deployment System Center Operations and Microsoft Sentinel are the core engines for our solution, both promoting the very best in data security and monitoring.

Extensive live Dashboard

Experience real-time performance chart graphs that deliver crucial insights into your server or services' efficiency. Easily monitor resource utilization, identify bottlenecks, and optimize operations for a seamless user experience and enhanced system reliability.

Always be aware with Alerts

Manage actions

Assign alerts to a dedicated team of engineers who are always available to address any concerns that arise.

AI Knowledge base

Automatically get the solution presented, generated from our extensive knowledge base.

Take action with Ticketing

With one click from an alert or incident, a ticket can be created, automatically emailing the allocated engineer alerting them. Equally, a single click can raise a change management request from a ticket.

Analyze your Threats

As standard, we cover over 80 Active Directory Alerts and Windows Security alerts, giving companies real-time visibility over their network. In addition, we monitor the health of many aspects of your estate.

ProtectorG PORTAL
What’s the need?

Having a NOC increases your ability to spot issues

Focus on problem-solving

Efficiently equip your team with essential knowledge

Manage your network more effectively

Overcome the skill shortage

Ticketing and Change Management

ProtectOrg's Portal

Are you looking for a secure and user-friendly way to manage your businesses cyber security?

Sign up for ProtectOrg's Portal (USA Only).  A revolutionary cyber security portal that aims to provide a range of features, including device management, alert vulnerabilities, and 24/7 monitoring, all accessible through a simple and intuitive interface. Don't miss out on the chance to be among the first to access this innovative new tool with ProtectOrg.

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