Add-on Investigate

Investigate speeds up the Incident management workflow, even for less experienced teams.

Speeds up Workflow

Additional Analysis

Low maintenance

Searches Dark Web

AI Powered

Sentinel Powered

Leveraging AI-Power

ProtectOrg Investigate will aid MSSPs, using Microsoft Sentinel to run competitively and effectively and help companies address the skills gap.

Time and accuracy are crucial to understanding the risk an Incident raises and the threat it could pose to your company or a client. ProtectOrgs AI-Powered solution will assess each Incident, providing you with a risk assessment. As a result, the analyst can quickly determine the required course of action.

How does Investigate work? The ProtectOrg portal connects via Microsoft Lighthouse to Microsoft Sentinel. Then the information starts to flow into the multi-tenant ProtectOrg portal.

Streamlining Incident Analysis

As standard, we cover over 80 Active Directory Alerts Investigate will assess each raised Incident; drilling into the Incident replaces the need to write KQL queries. Searching multiple Log Analytic tables for additional information is a part of Investigate. So, the analyst can remain focused on the root cause and not work on what KQL code to write.

Built into each Incident, ProtectOrg has added the ability for the analyst to look for additional Threat Intelligence powered by Flare. With one simple click, you can look for any related information from the Incident on the Dark Web, giving you an advantage over hidden threats.

Investigate is a tool that will help any company using Microsoft Sentinel internally or as a SOC speed up their remediation process and Windows Security alerts, giving companies real-time visibility over their network. In addition, we monitor the health of many aspects of your estate.

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