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Heart of our security operations. Monitor, detect, and respond to cyberattacks.


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Our Threat Analysts are 100% dedicated to our client’s threat protection, with two goals – to keep your business from harm’s way and to keep you in business.

ProtectOrg’s Mission is beating today’s challenge to improve every company’s security prerequisite, vulnerabilities, and increasingly shifting security posture.

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ProtectOrg’s Cybersecurity teams go beyond ‘just’ monitoring. They will assess and analyze data, understanding your networks beyond what the average internal IT team can accomplish. What are they looking for? Understanding what is normal behavior facilitates our teams to recognize what is not.

Cybersecurity attacks can pose a significant challenge and financial burden for businesses of all sizes. ProtectOrg offers a range of cybersecurity monitoring solutions, including Microsoft Sentinel, to protect against threats on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms."

ProtectorG Monitoring
Search, Find + Protect

Our Threat Analysts constantly search the Dark Web for data that could harm your business; as part of our emerging threat intelligence solution. In addition, our threat hunting analysts are hunting signs of ' recon' and initial lateral movements

Dark Web

We offer Dark Web searches for emerging threats

Threat Intelligence

We utilize both external feeds and our own TI, looking for emerging threats


Our in-house Threat Analysts are constantly hunting for lateral or recon movements

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Monitoring for Businesses of All Sizes with ProtectOrg's Microsoft Sentinel Solution

Any size business may be targeted for cyber security attacks, which can be challenging and costly. ProtectOrg’sCybersecurity monitoring uses Microsoft Sentinel protecting Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms.

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More than 'just' monitoring

Simplifying cyber security posture, security risk management and asset protection for Healthcare and Defense companies, as well as other US companies.

One step ahead...
Bad Actors, aka the hacker, are continually one step ahead, so detecting those modest changes on the network can be crucial in detecting a bad actor.
Dedicated 24hr team...
ProtectOrg's teams constantly hunt for signs that a hacker may be in their initial phases or even in reconnaissance stage. State of the art monitoring gives information for Protector's team to react.
Communicating threats...
ProtectOrg generates reporting daily, weekly as well as a monthly keeping you informed.

Identify and prevent attacks in their early stages with ProtectOrg's Cyber"Detection-in-Depth' Service based on Microsoft Sentinel.

The core of our fully managed MDR service is to detect and mitigate the cyber threats that traditional security technologies miss.The core of the Microsoft Sentinel by ProtectOrg service is to detect and alert cyber threats across all technologies, which is often not possible with traditional systems.

The traditional approach to cyber security involves systems such as firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion detection systems (IDS), all of which have significant limitations when mitigating new and innovative attacks. Antivirus and IDS rely primarily on signatures, allowing them to detect ‘known-bad’ activity. At the same time, firewalls work on rulesets designed to limit the number of systems exposed to the internet. When a new, unknown threat arises, IDS and antivirus systems will not have a signature for it. Instead, the firewall will allow the traffic if the targeted system is connected to the internet, resulting in significant weakness in detecting and defending against the latest attacks.

The attacks of yesterday bear no indication of tomorrow’s attacks, resulting in many organizations being unable to accurately gauge how exposed their environments are

epecially if they have not selected the right tools and services. Adversaries use sophisticated and pervasive Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) to exploit vulnerabilities within organizations with well-publicized results. Traditional antivirus defenses are no longer good enough to prevent the next generation of cyber threats, which often lie dormant for a long time before utilizing file-less attack vectors designed to evade today’s defensive measures.

Organizations are left exposed and vulnerable to large-scale breaches and the full spectrum of associated potential damage

without focusing on detecting new and unseen attacks. Thus, regulators, organizations, and business stakeholders seek next-generation solutions that provide more precise, less static, and more responsive and auditable protection.

The best approach to proactive cyber security requires technologies identifying potential attacks and cyber security analysts armed and ready to investigate and mitigate these threats

This approach can be found in ProtectOrg’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service.With this service, ProtectOrg has adopted a ‘Detection-in-Depth’ approach, re-engineering traditional solutions of antivirus and firewall technologies to identify more than just yesterday’s threats.

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For Android, IOS, Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Workstations and Servers.

Automated systems

24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure.

Endpoint protection

For preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.
(currently only available for Microsoft and Linux)  

We will advise you daily of your device’s Risk, Exposure levels, and Discovered Vulnerabilities. Timelines of each event are provided to show activity leading up to and after each instance, giving you the vital information on cause and effect.
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