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Microsoft Configuration Manager Self-Service Server Monitoring

Patching vulnerabilities are one of the most critical elements in the fight against hacking. However, even with a well-configured Configuration Management infrastructure, patching can take time, making it essential, if not vital, to ensure that your Configuration Manager servers are issue free.

Our solution, an agent-based monitoring solution based on SCOM, is deployed onto your Site Servers.

Within minutes, the agents will start reporting to our portal, raising any issues accompanied by a knowledge-based article to speed up remediation. 

Three times MVP Dujon Walsham and seven times MVP Cymon Skinner are the authors of the monitoring solution, so you know you’re in safe hands!

Below are listed but not limited to the following.

  • Primary Site Servers
  • CAS Servers
  • Secondary Site Servers
  • Management Point Servers
  • Distribution Point Servers
  • Reporting Point Servers
  • Fallback Status Point Servers
  • Software Update Point Servers

With the newer roles introduced, the following also are monitored.

  • Service Connection Point Servers
  • Data Warehouse Point Servers

Bring real-time alerting to your Configuration Manager installation, simplifying troubleshooting while increasing your ROI.

Protectorg Offers
Six focus areas that our monitoring solution caters to

ProtectOrg's Self-Service monitoring solution can cover every single site system server role in past and new versions, where precise monitoring has been enriched to ensure you are alerted when there is an issue. 

Monitored but not limited to the following roles.

Cloud Management Role Monitoring

We cover all of the following cloud management rules:

  • Cloud Management Gateway Connection Point Servers
  • Cloud Management Gateway Servers
  • Cloud Distribution Point Servers

These ensure full coverage of your estate which is being looked after by a CMG or CDP for sourcing internet based clients.

In addition we also have monitoring covered for your Azure Service Apps which provide the backbone for you CMG and CDP roles such as

  • Azure Services
  • Azure Active Directory Tenancy Connection

Current Branch Version Recognition

Our monitoring solution is able to recognize the exact versions of which your environment is running which can be from as low as SCCM 2012 RTM all the way up to the current version of 2303 to easily identify your environment version. Detailed monitoring for supporting your current version is place with the following

  • Configuration Manager End of Life support alerting
  • Correct ADK Versioning alerting
  • Console versions being out of date alerting
  • New versions available for Configuration Manager alerting

Configuration Manager Client Monitoring

Our solution holds a very unique feature which allows us to monitor all configuration manager managed devices which have the client installed.

Not only do we have a solution for monitoring the servers themselves but also the clients too! Our monitoring is not limited to the following;

  • Devices showing offline status
  • Device is using an unsupported OS
  • Device is using an old client version

We also have an inventory for each device which can be seen from the portal to detail key information on your managed client devices.

Best Practice & Compliance Monitoring

We also provide an additional monitoring mechanism which will keep you on track with the prerequisites which need to be met before any Configuration Manager upgrade can take place to ensure your environment is fully ready to support the new version and any other new perquisites required.

These range from the following

  • Devices showing as offline
  • Duplicate device detection
  • Offline device detection
  • Site failover not configured alerting
  • Prerequisites for new configuration manager versions
  • Collection best practice monitoring

Software Library Deployment Monitoring

We also provide monitoring for your deployments to managed client devices to provide a full scope of coverage to ensure that any deployment errors or situations are indeed flagged so you are able to respond in real-time.

Examples are the following;

  • Application Package Monitoring
  • Package Monitoring
  • Software Update Point Package Monitoring
  • Task Sequence Monitoring

All of which are monitored to ensure their distribution status is ready and active. In addition we can support deployment error detection for any device which experiences an error with Task Sequences or any packages

Software Update Patch Compliance Monitoring

To enhance our monitoring solution more we have also made for where we can monitor all of your Automatic Deployment Rules, Software Update packages and overall patch compliance needs whether this be effective to your managed client device or Configuration Manager Server

  • Automatic Deployment Rule Monitoring – Detection for any Automatic Deployment rule which fails to run on schedule
  • Software Update Package Monitoring – Issues for Software Update Packages containing updates for both an ADR rule or Software Update group are monitored
  • Software Update Deployment Monitoring – Any devices or assignments which experience failures will be flagged up
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