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Enhance Your Network Security with Self-Service Proactive Monitoring

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Proactive & Responsive Firewall Monitoring with ProtectOrg

Establishing a good parameter defense as well as looking for emerging threats, ProtectOrg’s Self-Service Firewall monitoring service offers an in-detail view of your Firewalls traffic and threats.

As a Service, security monitoring gains widely held and cost-effective to monitor by an MSP, whose focus is threat intelligence and pre-emptive security analysis.

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Enhance Your Security with ProtectOrg's Firewall Monitoring Solutions

Security monitoring as a service is widely recognized as a cost-effective and efficient solution for MSPs looking to enhance their threat intelligence and pre-emptive security analysis. This type of monitoring allows MSPs to stay up-to-date on potential threats and proactively address them, helping to ensure the security of their clients' networks.

–  Sentinel focuses on the following firewalls  –

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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Barracuda Web Application Firewall

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Check Point

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Cisco ASA

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Cisco Firepower eStreamer

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Cisco Meraki

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Citrix WAF (Web App Firewall)

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Forcepoint NGFW

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Palo Alto Networks

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SonicWall Firewall

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Sophos XG Firewall

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Windows Firewall

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Protection for Your Network with ProtectOrg's Firewall Monitoring

Are you monitoring your Firewall with Sentinel via a Syslog server? With the introduction of our AI-Powered portal and the upcoming Investigate functionality, you can look a the rule base of your firewall in relation to incidents raised, then drill down into the alerts looking for trends or weaknessess in your firewall ruleset. There are more features coming with Investigate, it is all about saving time.

ProtectOrg’s 24/7/365 Firewall monitoring is an excellent place to start protecting your network.

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Why not allow us to do a vulnerability scan on your network? If you need more, our pen-testing solution will provide a report showing any weaknesses your network may have.

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Our solutions are designed to identify threats, maximise protection and eliminate vulnerabilities.

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For Android, IOS, Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Workstations and Servers.

Automated systems

24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure.

Endpoint protection

For preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.
(currently only available for Microsoft and Linux)  

Our portal will advise you daily of your device’s Risk, Exposure levels, and Discovered Vulnerabilities. Timelines of each event are provided to show activity leading up to and after each instance, giving you the vital information on cause and effect.
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